Dragon Quest X has multiple communities open to players. These communities are a great way to get in touch with other users, get help, and spend time with fellow Dragon Quest fans. This site specifically endorses these Discord-based communities in particular: Dragon Quest X Worldwide, Dragon's Den, and Team Moon, the links to which are posted under each's respective section here.

As of now, there's a server for every type of player, whether you enjoy larger communities with more candid conversation topics or smaller, tighter-knit communities with a focus on gameplay and meta, there's now a Discord server for a community catered to your tastes.

This page will be updated over time with new DQX Community information as our playerbase grows and user interactivity increases.

Dragon Quest X Worldwide

Dragon Quest X Worldwide is the largest English-speaking community for Dragon Quest X to date. Run by and populated with veterans of the game (and respectively, the series), you should have no trouble finding help whether it's information on the game or in your in-game endeavors. There are many guides and resources hosted in their Discord server, as well as many specific channels for questions.

Out of all the Dragon Quest X communities, this one is the most vocal and active on Discord, with so many users being veterans to the game. If you have game-content specific questions, or if you're confused by and/or having a rough time with your current quest, this server is the place to be for solutions.

It's also home to DQXclarity's development continuation team, so it's also the best place to get support if you're finding any issue using the English tools.

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Dragon Quest X Team Moon

Team Moon is a well-established multi-language community for Dragon Quest X, the owner of which posts tons of new content, videos, guides, and misc. information about DQX. If you're new to the game, this server is a great way to start a tight-knit group of friends to play with.

This server has quickly grown to be the second largest English DQX community since it's inception, and has a very diverse and seasoned group of community leaders and team members. The in-game team is quite tight-knit, and is more than happy to help or tag along for adventures.

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Guardians of Astoltia

Guardians of Astoltia is a much newer Dragon Quest X community server spearheaded by one of the English community's most active and dedicated members.

The server has many different members from other communities as well, and is a great place to get started alongside a new server full of people knowledgeable about all aspects of the game. From start to endgame content, there's someone in this server who will be able to help and play with you.

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Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den is the oldest English Dragon Quest X community around. Pioneers of the MMO, this server is led by (a name you're probably familiar with if you ever tried playing Dragon Quest X Online before the translation tools became readily available) Cranberry and is affiliated with the Dragon Quest fansite Dragon's Den of the same name and reputation.

Most longtime members of this community are endgame players, who are more than willing to help new players get adjusted to Dragon Quest X and help them through the content. Many members are knowledgable about meta and lategame content, so if you're finding yourself wanting to participate with Japanese players near the most recent content, or are just starting out yourself and want someone to play with, this is a great community to be a part of.

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