(Guide written by Zweistar and Sevithian)

Casino Coins can be earned by playing games at the Luckland Casino, and can be traded in for various prizes at the prize redemption counter in the main lobby. There are a couple different methods of obtaining casino coins, from finding them on the ground to winning "casino raids".

The quickest and simplest way to get a multitude of casino coins for the higher-end prizes is to play Sugoroku (4 player board game in the left room of the casino), however playing Sugoroku (and by extension, bingo) consumes play tickets, and are incredibly time-consuming.

However, there is another quick way to obtain many casino coins. Instead of wasting time playing slots or poker, you can earn a multitude of coins extremely quickly through roulette. Players are usually slow to approach the game, as some people can find it rather complex, but if you follow this guide (and have a reasonable amount of luck) you can earn however many casino coins you need within the hour.

The Basics of Roulette

If you don't understand roulette or how it's played, don't worry. We'll go over that. First of all, roulette can be found in the Luckland Casino in the main casino hall, (straight through the doors in the center of the lobby) off towards the edges of the room. As with all of the casino games, the betting amount changes with each floor of the casino.

Roulette starts with a basic betting phase, followed by the roulette spin where a ball will bounce between pegs representing a square on the numerical grid. You'll notice the table is laid out in a numerical grid, with other betting options located on the bottom and side. Each point in the numerical grid is a potential betting zone, allowing you to place chips to bet on the odds that the roulette ball falls on the square(s) that your bet covers. On some spaces, you can even bet whole rows, columns, or multiple squares at once. The additional betting area at the bottom is mostly for placing 50/50 bets (like black or red, even or odd) to add onto your multiplier.

It's important to note that in roulette, your payout is based on the amount of multipliers that apply to your bet. Meaning if you place a bet on an odd red number, then you add a bet on red and odd, and the ball lands on that number, you get the base x32 from the ball landing on your square, and the additional multiplier bonus from the ball also landing on a red and odd number.

It can be a lot to take in at first, but after a couple rounds you'll understand.

Most of the strategies in this guide will rely on your understanding of how stacking multipliers works, as the jist of the overarching strategy revolves around betting on large, generalized areas and using overlying multiplier bets to capitalize on an outcome within the specified area.

If you don't understand, don't worry. We have pictures.

The Betting Strategies

Assuming you remotely understand how the game works, there are four images that visually describe the best betting strategies (1/3 chance or higher to turn a profit) you can make here.

Highlighted are the areas covered by the wager and their total multipliers for the payout.

Strategy 1: The Best

To be blunt-- This is by far the easiest, least risky bet you can place. Your odds of winning are slightly greater than 2/3 and as long as the ball lands within two of the three numerical rows you'll always turn a profit.

Of course, this strategy still requires you to avoid the 1/3 chance of a loss, but compared to other bets, this is an efficient risk-free maneuver.

Strategy 2: Greatest Payout

Due to the sheer amplitude of the multipliers in this bet, you can win the most amount of coins in a single bet using this method, but you are banking on the ball landing on essentially a little less than 1/3 of the board, so there is a higher risk involved. If you have enough to spare to risk a higher bet, choose this.

Strategy 3: Safer Payout

Not much to write here, this is a slightly harder bet to place, but is both less efficient and much safer to place than the bet above. Regardless, your payout is almost always going to be lower taking this route.

Strategy 4: The Wimp's Wage

This bet has the absolute lowest profit margins at 1/11 in winnings, but the highest odds of winning at 31/37. Basically one of the safest bets possible if you want to take your time and earn basically guaranteed scraps every wage. I wouldn't recommend it-- you're better off playing slots at this rate.