(Guide written by ShobuBlaze)

NOTE: These methods are for subscribing for the PC/Switch/Wii U versions using a browser only! Subscriptions are also possible through the Nintendo eShop. The PS4, browser, and 3DS versions use a completely separate type of subscription. Subscribing through the methods below (or through the eShop) is a shared subscription between the PC, Switch, and Wii U. The PS4, browser, and 3DS versions are not included in this subscription. In addition, this will tell you how to purchase the game digitally for the PC.

Also, you cannot subscribe until you purchase the full version of the game!!

There are two major ways you can subscribe to the game outside of Japan. The first is using Amazon Pay. You'll need to create a Japanese Amazon account, but you can use a non-Japanese debit/credit card. Amazon Pay doesn't upcharge a conversion fee, so this is the optimal choice if you can get it working successfully.


The second is getting yourself a WebMoney card, which is essentially a prepaid card used for many kinds of online games in Japan. There are various ways to do this, but the cheapest option I know of is using this site: https://www.seagm.com/japan-webmoney-prepaid-card

So, if you're successful there, you can use that card. You won't need an Amazon JP account with this method. Skip below to the "Buying Crysta" section if you have a WebMoney card ready.


If you're looking to purchase the game, follow the Amazon Japan Account Setup first. If you already have an Amazon Japan Account set up, you can skip right down to the Purchasing Guide.

Setting Up Amazon Japan Account

The first thing we'll need to do if we plan on using Amazon either for AmazonPay or for purchasing the full game is to make a Japanese Amazon account. This will have to be a new account separate from your regular Amazon account if you have one already.

Go to Amazon JP and create an account.

After creating, log in and if you want to change the site to English, click the Japan flag and you can set it there by selecting EN.

Go to "Your Account".

Click "Content and Devices".

Click the "Preferences" tab.

Click Country/Region settings and then "Change".

In the “Country of residence” window, enter a valid Japanese address here. You’ll have to look up a Japanese address, ZIP code, and enter the correct prefecture. It can be anything so long as it is valid.

Go to Your Account > Your Addresses.

You’ll need to create two addresses, one VALID Japanese address (it can be different than the one in the previous step or the same. Just look something up and enter it here.) and your billing address for your debit/credit card.


Add your card by going to Account > Payments > Wallet.

Make sure to select YOUR billing address as the card’s billing address.

You’re done! This was the hardest step of the guide.

Purchasing the Game (PC Digital Version)

This guide will also explain how to purchase the game using Amazon JP. Since you’ve already set up an Amazon JP account, it’ll be easy.

Log into your account on Amazon JP.

Head to the DQX All in One Package page, which is located here.

Add it to your cart, and purchase it. It might take a while for the order to process and go through, so check your “My Orders” page.

Once the order goes through, go to “My Account”, and then “Games & software” under “Digital Content and Devices”.

You’ll see the game and also see the registration code. Note this down.

Log into your account at the Square Enix Account Management page, and click the DQX logo at the top.

Once there, scroll down a bit and click the red button here.

NOTE: There may be several reasons why this doesn’t work. One is that the Japanese address you entered is wrong in your address book or the address under Country/Region settings isn't correctly set to Japan. Another common issue is that your bank sees this unknown foreign charge, and blocks it because they think it is fraudulent. Contact your bank and let them know that this is a legitimate charge, and try it again.

Enter the registration code, and you’re all set.

Lastly, download these and run the installers for versions 3 to 5, one by one. (You don’t need version 1 and 2, those are already installed.)

Setting up a Subscription (AmazonPay)

Log into your account at the Astoltia Immigration Bureau page here.

On this next screen, click the gray rectangle that has “Amazon Pay” in it.

On the following screen, click the "Amazon Pay" button. You’ll be taken to Amazon briefly to confirm your payment method. Press the yellow button at the bottom of the screen to confirm.

Choose the length of time you’d like to subscribe for, and hit OK.

You’ll be taken to the confirmation page. Click the button circled in red.

Congratulations! You’re subscribed!

Buying Crysta (No AmazonPay)

Crysta is a currency you can purchase on Square Enix to use for subscriptions and buying in the cash shop.

Log into your account at the Square Enix Account Management page here.

Select “Crysta charge” from this menu.

Before you can charge Crysta, you will need to set up a valid address, as seen on this screen here. For the “Name” and “Furigana” sections, it’s best to use a katakana name for both. You can look those up easily online, or just Google translate. (For example, if your name is “Smith, John” you’d use スミス ジョン for the surname and name, respectively) To fill in the rest of the boxes, enter a valid Japanese zip code in the box (for example, 100-0004) and press the yellow button next to it. The Prefecture, City, and Town boxes will auto fill. Afterwards, click the “Next” box to complete registration.

The next screen will allow you to charge Crysta.

If you have your WebMoney card ready, enter it at the bottom and click “Next”.

Success! You now have Crysta to spend.

Setting up a Subscription (Crysta)

Log into your account at the Astoltia Immigration Bureau page here.

Click the button circled in red.

Select the "Pay with Crysta" option.

Select the length of time you'd like to subscribe for, then click "OK".

On the next screen, it will ask to confirm. Hit the right button, and you should be good to go.

Success! You're subscribed.

NOTE: By default, the game is set to do an automatic Crysta renewal at each time interval you chose above. If you’d like to cancel this auto renewal, you can click that red button in the image above again, and then select this option.

If you’d like to re-enable automatic continuation, you can go through the steps above to re-enable it while you still have an active subscription remaining.